TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures)

Protection against eavesdropping

Our services in protection against eavesdropping comprise:

Physical inspection of the area

In order to find out whether some eavesdropping devices are hidden in the area or not. In your facilities eavesdropping devices or other surveillance devices may be hidden. This is why it is necessary to properly inspect and check weak current installations, strong current installations, HVAC, all appliances and furniture. In many cases, bugs (wires) or other eavesdropping devices were installed in the office during business negotiations or by a visitor.

Radio area map

Our equipment include a special spectral analyzer (OSCOR 5000), spectral analyzer EG2009SA and memory radio analyzer (MRA). These devices will check the radio spectrum of the room being checked and reveal active intelligence devices, bugs (wires) and other eavesdropping devices, which may transmit in radio spectrum. At the same time these devices check both strong and weak current wiring.

Testing for non-linearity

In addition to active eavesdropping devices there are also passive (non-active) devices, laser devices or active devices with IR transmission, which cannot be identified by area radio map. Using a non-linearity detector of the latest generation (EG2009NEL) we are able to identify devices, which transmit information in “packets” (information is stored for some time and after a certain period of time they are transferred to another device using passive equipment). Some of these devices are also commanded remotely. EG2009NEL detector reveals bugs (wires) and eavesdropping devices, which use electric wires in the building and are built in walls.

Regular inspections

Do you need to be absolutely sure that there are no bugs (wires) or any other eavesdropping devices in your office? Check out our regular quarterly inspection service. This regular inspection is provided at a very reasonable price and it has never happened to us that our clients repeatedly had bugs (wires) or any other eavesdropping devices in inspected facilities. It is possible to spread the payment to installments payable throughout the year. Also you get an important discount for a one off inspection.
We are providing our services to many major clients. Unfortunately we cannot publish their names due to confidentiality requirement.

Protection against eavesdropping

You can protect your office against eavesdropping by a proactive method. Just install devices, which prevent (block) active eavesdropping, such as:

  • SNG – smart noise generator. This generator blocks detection of sounds in the area. The protection consists of generating a noise in areas, where it is easy to detect sounds (e.g. windows, walls, parts of furniture, etc.). In these areas acoustic piezo buzzers are installed, which block sound transmission from the area (this protects against remote laser microphone spying through windows or wall).
  • MRA 5 – memory radio analyzer. It is a special scanning device to immediately detect radio eavesdropping. Ultra fast assessment system detects eavesdropping devices (both ones someone just brought in the room as well as remotely operated devices. This works even in strong high frequency field of radio and TV transmitters.
  • EG2009JAMM – cell phone signal jammer for GSM band. This jammer is a very efficient device preventing eavesdropping of mobile phone conversations.

Would you like to have a secure office free of bugs and eavesdropping devices?