Electrical technologies

Electronic security (alarm) systems

Our company supplies electronic security (alarm) systems for both small commercial applications (e.g. family houses, small company facilities) as well as for large scale security applications in facilities with the highest security risks.
We always design the scope of the system and its security class pursuant to applicable standards (CSN EN 501 31) and based on requirements of the customer.

Our electronic security (alarm) system services comprise:

  • expert analysis of security risks of the facility
  • creation of expert study of the security system
  • creating design documentation of the security system
  • price quotation for the facility
  • execution of the job pursuant to final version of design documentation
  • commissioning, programming and wiring of the system
  • user training
  • initial inspection and creation of as-built documentation
  • contractual repair and maintenance activities (warranty and post warranty services)
  • creation of operational, technical and internal security guidelines for the system

Electronic fire alarm systems

Electronic fire alarm system always forms a crucial part of the fire safety system of a facility. Fire alarm systems needs to be installed in facilities specified by legal regulations or as required by the customer. Our company supplies and installs electronic fire alarm systems into small autonomous systems (e.g. new detached houses), as well as in large scale projects, which include connection of the system with emergency radio broadcasting system or direct connection to emergency and fire fighter units. We are a certified supplier of most available fire alarm systems and are authorized to perform warranty and post warranty repair, maintenance and inspections of fire alarm systems. Installation and supply of the fire alarm system are always performed in accordance with applicable legal regulations and standards.

As far as the electronic fire alarm systems are concerned we provide the following services:

  • creation of design documentation of the electronic fire alarm system based on the data from the customer (site constructor) and based on visit of our experts at the facility
  • creation of price offer for electronic fire alarm system supply
  • delivery of electronic fire alarm system as specified in final design documentation
  • commissioning, programming and wiring of electronic fire alarm system
  • initial inspection and creation of as-built documentation of the electronic fire alarm system
  • user training
  • supply of operating handbook of the electronic fire alarm system
  • contractual repair and maintenance activities (warranty and post warranty), such as regular six month checks and inspections

CCTV (closed circuit television systems)

CCTVs have become a common part of our lives. Our company supplies and installs closed circuit TV systems from renowned international manufacturers based on assessment of a particular project (facility), customer requirements and applicable standards (CSN EN 50132).

CCTVs can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Analogue CCTV

We recommend using IP CCTV systems, which are more modern and have many advantages. However sometimes analogue CCTV systems can suit better to particular needs.

We provide the following CCTV services:

  • draft of facility security system and risk assessment
  • design documentation creation based on personal visit to the facility
  • price offer for CCTV installation
  • installation, commissioning and configuring of CCTV
  • operator training, initial inspection of system
  • legal support (CCTV registration)
  • contractual warranty and post warranty┬árepair and maintenance

Access and work presence monitoring system

Data and telecommunication networks

Audio and evacuation systems

Our company supplies audio and evacuation systems from renowned manufacturers. Certified evacuation systems are installed pursuant to standards CSN EN 60849 and other applicable legal regulations.

We also provide supporting services, such as design of technical solution and creation of design documentation. If required we supply items and systems necessary for interconnection with other systems (fire alarm systems, control centers, etc.)

As far as audio and evacuation systems are concerned, we provide the following services:

  • creating of the design documentation based on the data provided by the customer (site constructor) and based on personal visit at the site by our expert
  • creation of price offer
  • execution of the system based on approved designed documentation
  • commissioning, programming and wiring of the system
  • initial inspection and elaboration of as-built documentation
  • user training
  • contractual warranty and post warranty services (repairs, maintenance, regular six month inspections and maintenance checks)

Strong current installations

Our company has sufficient know-how and sufficient number of experts to perform strong current installations in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. We are ready to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our customers, including special installations, such as construction of energy centers, control centers, reconstructions of historical buildings, etc.

We provide the following strong current services:

  • draft solution and design documentation of strong current installations
  • inspection certificates for all environments (including explosive ones)
  • installation of strong current wiring (lights and sockets)
  • engine and technological wiring
  • low voltage supply connectors
  • power supply and control systems
  • insulation systems for special devices
  • complete electric installations in explosive and high fire risk environments
  • wiring of backup power supply and energy center
  • regular services: repairs and maintenance (contract based)

Building management system (BMS)

Our company designs and supplies comprehensive BMS systems for any technical application and any area of use. All HVAC, heating, air-conditioning, electricity and similar systems are properly interconnected thanks to BMS, which ensures not just lower operating cost but also higher operational reliability.